Todd is very knowledgeable at his trade. He is continually improving his abilities to help his clients by attending the latest seminars. I have worked with Todd and am truly impressed with his attention to detail. I have recommended Todd to a number of my patients knowing he will provide them with the results and personal attention of the highest standard.
— Dr. Brian Levernier, DC, CCSP
Need a trainer that tailors his plan based upon YOUR presentation instead of “the way he always does it”? Is always striving to improve personally and professionally in an effort to address any roadblock YOU encounter? Is concerned about YOUR goals rather than his? Todd Wojchik is your trainer. He’s my go-to for trainers despite being on the other side of the cities. That should say it all. See him and thank me later.
— Dr. Adam Milsop, DC, CCSP
After a year, I am stronger, leaner fitter and more knowledgable than I have been my entire life! Todd is responsive, thorough, caring and extremely good at what he does!
— Ben P. -client
For years I have suffered pain in almost every part my body - feet, shins, knees, hips, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands. I tried everything - MedX, PRI, Pilates, full body vibration training, orthopedic massage, yoga - with no relief. I began doing my own research and found the work of PT Gray Cook and his Functional Movement Screen system. The FMS website led me to a chiropractor who was finally able to get to the root of my problems - my hyper mobile joints were destabilizing my body and causing pain from compensation patterns and poor movement mechanics. He referred me to Coach Todd, also an FMS Provider, who is helping me to stabilize my body and greatly reduce my pain. I have now sent my husband and my neighbor to Fundamental Strength, and they are also seeing tremendous results. Coach Todd is funny, smart and always open to new ideas. You will love working with him. Highly recommended.
— Liz P. -client
Todd got us (my husband and me) moving again. He developed an individual program for each of us to work on our assessed movement weaknesses. We improved our flexibility and strength as we worked to improve practical movement. With good humor and authentic understanding he coached us with skill for two years—until he left Portland. We miss him!
— Michelle & Bob
Todd dials in the work-out focusing on specific areas unique to each individual. My wife’s routine, and my routine, change as we develop and achieve strength and flexibility goals. He will try different approaches to help an individual rebuild their “fundamental strength”. Results? No more back pain, better posture, and overall greater strength. He help has been remarkable.
— Joe S. -client
“Todd really knows his stuff when it comes to fitness. As someone who used to despise working out I truly enjoy showing up to workouts with him and watching myself progress. I highly recommended Todd for any fitness level!!”
— Emily S.
I was extremely impressed with this man’s breadth of knowledge and passion for fitness. He helped me decimate my goals and build the kind of fitness I can manage and enjoy for life. I would definitely recommend him to anyone of any level who wants to improve their fitness and life.
— Jordan- Former NCAA Div 1 athtlete.
“As a 2016 Paralympic hopeful, every day of training matters. As a former athlete, Todd completely understands the balance of strength, conditioning, rest and competition. His strength, conditioning and throwing plans prepared me for the 2014 US Paralympic Track and Field National Meet where I became the American Record Holder in the Discus, Javelin and Shot Put. I’m thankful for his hard work and dedication and look forward to continuing my work with him in the future.”
— Josh C.-Paralympic Hopeful
“I Love Todd he is an awesome coach, Wish I could work with him again,”
— Wade S.